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What Would You Do if the World Was In Your Hands?

In late March, we came across a great organization, Carry the Earth, with whom we will be partnering this summer.

Located in La Canada, Flintridge near Los Angeles, CA, the environmental art project that inspires individual action to help heal the planet uses a novel approach that right away gives a sense of accountability by literally putting the world into someones hands.

The “world” being a scale model artist-globe (made out of sustainable and reusable material). The primary artist is Carry the Earth’s founder, Ronnie Siegel. Ronnie is a highly-laureled landscape architect and environmental artist who had the vision of creating a way for champions of the earth to make a difference and document their actions on the Carry the Earth site.

The way this process works is that an individual, company, or organization can request one of the 27 ”Earths” from Carry the Earth, by submitting a proposal on what positive actions they would take while the globe is in their possession. Each of the globes represents a different potential area of impact and are literally currently circulating the globe.

For example:

  • Earth #7 is dedicated to “ Plant Life” and has gone as far as Denmark where one holder of “Earth #7” planted meadows and wildflowers to encourage pollination and yet another Dane chose to create awareness for the United Nation’s “Sustainable Goals” to help people people implement the “Global Goals in Everyday Life”.

  • Earth 18 is dedicated to “Voices of the Future” and has had a diverse journey where: one stop inspired the planting of fruit trees high up in the Swiss Alps to help nourish and sustain wildlife, another holder of the earth advocated for a more frequent and extended “Earth Hour” that would help fight overuse of electricity and light pollution, stop number three saw this earth inspiring better nutrition for long-term health, the final stop was led by a social scientist interested in decreasing their impact on publicly managed freshwater resources by using a more natural and less toxic form of laundry detergent.

As you can see there are a multitude of ways that having these “earths” in circulation have already produced such positive impact on the world, whether the actions were small or large all over the world from a solar project in the Netherlands, to the building of a Green Entrance Gate to MSU Botanical Gardens in Moscow and back to the U.S. and more. You can view all of the various “earth’s” journeys here.

We will keep you posted on our CONSCIOUSLY STUDIO journey with a brand new earth that we’ll be developing with Ronnie.

In the meantime, you can request a globe here. Or if you are an artist who would like to team up with CARRY THE EARTH, you can also find more info here.


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