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What International Women's Day Means To Me Today

I’ve never met a woman who wasn’t strong. They don’t exist.” —Diane Von Furstenberg

I posted that quote earlier today in honor of International Women’s Day on my own social media profiles. However, as I posted it I realized that International Women’s Day really means much more to me than someone else’s words. It’s never been a day that I gave too much thought to as it falls within the larger Women’s History Month umbrella, other than it being a great way for women to come together.

However, what we can’t deny is the power that the day provides a platform to. The millions of female voices that share loud and proud in support of each other and most importantly of themselves. In the midst of the never ending pool of social holidays like National Pizza Day, National Burrito Day, Selfie Day—this day really is no joke and likely won’t get you a discount anywhere. However, it is a day that refuses to deny the vast accomplishments that women across the world contribute daily with or without fanfare.

Individual accomplishments aside, International Women’s Day to me now symbolizes the power of the work that is done together. I have heard so often from my peers (as recently as two days ago) how often time the biggest blockers to a woman’s success has been another woman (gentlemen, that doesn’t mean that you’re off the hook either). I would agree as I’ve encountered that in the past as well. However, more often than not, I’ve found great allies and partnerships in like-minded, forward thinking, passionate, change-making women.

International Women’s Day allows us to set an example of what is achievable when we work together and not against each other. The beautiful solidarity that is not always perfect is exactly what should be showcased in today’s world. Achievable milestones, collaborative sweat equity, voices united, and quantifiable miracles that ultimately bring forth the change we need to see in households, workplaces, communities, classrooms, politics, and the world.

International Women’s Day is when I decide to tackle a large issue knowing that I will never solve it alone, yet also knowing that I am not alone. I know that at times I may lead the way towards the solution, while other times I am a contributor. International Women’s Day to me is a symbol of both small and large issues we tackle together as a team. I know that I can pull in a woman (or man as I truly believe in equal opportunity) to help me with the parts that I may not know, whether that’s in legislature, science, psychology, teaching, or specialized subject matters—we’re all needed. Sure, I can learn and conquer those areas but why not give another woman who is an expert in that area the opportunity to showcase that expertise. It is the ability to do that and not have my ego affected by their wins that a day like today should represent, for I know that all of our wins combined will create the larger change that is needed.

None of us can do all of it alone.

Happy International Women’s Day. I can’t wait to look back next year and see what we all accomplished together.


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