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June Playlist: True Colors

It was 50 years ago, and they were just people who wanted a space of their own. They wanted to live their truth openly, without the constant threat of harassment. We know of them now for the riots that ultimately led to our present day Pride Parades. We know the name of that space that wasn’t ever really safe: the Stonewall Inn.

This weekend we remember and we celebrate. We remember those who came before us, who stood up for dignity and equality, even in the face of danger. We celebrate the progress we’ve made in society, while remembering that we still have far to go. For some, Pride celebrations are the only time they feel truly comfortable being out and themselves. To those people we say, “We see you and we’re with you.”

In the spirit of this weekend’s celebration, we present Consciously’s first playlist: True Colors. These are the bops we turn up when we need a reminder that we’re badasses. We hope these tracks inspire you to keep doing you, and if anyone’s got shit to say, don’t let the bastards get you down. Live your truth, take up space, and always know we’ve got your back.


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