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Black Lives Matter. Period.

These are the days that show our true colors. These are the days that at our best bring us together or at our worst create a greater divide.

From these days forward, the steps that we all choose to take collectively over the next few weeks, months, and years will define our nation and will, regardless of outcome, make history.

The recent events impacting our black colleagues, neighbors, and communities are the days we want to see in the past and no longer repeated time and time again.

However, this can’t and won’t happen unless we each individually take the conscious steps to advocate, protect, and fight injustice on behalf of those whose voices have been silenced and dismissed for far too long, no matter how loud or strong in numbers they have been or continue to be.

It should not take another Black man’s, woman’s, or child’s life to be violently ended before we all decide to intervene and advocate for justice. We refuse to turn our backs on the pain of another human being, let alone a collective of human beings.

It is because of times like this that we initially decided to create and launch Consciously Studio. We committed to creating change in the world and that has not changed. Times like these only add more urgency to that mission. Together, we can’t be stopped.

We not only stand with but also lift the messages and pleas for change from our black communities not just today but everyday. There are no more excuses and there is no more time to waste.

May all of us be mindful of our actions.

In solidarity,

Siria Contreras

CEO, Consciously Studio


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